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About Us

At Daum Weigle, we aren’t content to simply do things the way they’ve always been done. We ask, why?

The world has changed since our founding in 1986 and we’ve changed too. That means constantly learning and leading to provide our high-tech clients with regional, national and international public relations and social media campaigns with a positive distinction.

We are a little different. We have to be. Our clients deserve nothing less.




Does you organization need:

• News releases

• Case studies

• White papers

• Media interviews

• Trade show support

• Speech writing

• Speaker’s bureaus

• Community relations

We do those things. And do them very well.

But are you also ready for:

• Facebook – A new effort or a facelift

• Twitter – Sound bites to reach your customers, employees and media

• Linkedin – Join the discussion with others in your industry

• A blog site – Showcase your experts and boost search results

• A website – Not just a placeholder, but one that sets you apart

Social media can kick your public relations and marketing efforts (B2B and B2C) into high gear.

We do those things. And do them very well.

The Work

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Case Studies

Starting at the Beginning

Daum Weigle began working with a small, little-known manufacturer of products for law enforcement. Regularly placed articles in business, trade and consumer media began to build awareness. Television news coverage in targeted cities also added to company recognition. The agency was also able to find a well-known celebrity to promote the company’s products – leading to further national attention. Today, the company has expanded its dealer channel, become the leader within its niche market and increase profitability.

Creating a Facebook Presence

Daum Weigle was tasked with starting a major national corporation’s social media presence from the ground up. Through extensive industry knowledge Daum Weigle headed up a B2C facebook page that gained over 10,000 followers in less than a year with steady month-to-month growth and growing fan engagement. Using social media expertise, Daum Weigle was able to hone in on the clients Facebook target market to create engaging content, original campaigns and continually bring fresh ideas to the platform. The team was also able to implement a successful strategic plan for addressing the client’s customer complaints that publicity appeared on the Facebook wall.

Integrating New and Old Media

A high-tech Fortune 100 company wanted to step up marketing efforts in one of its key vertical market areas. Daum Weigle worked with the marketing team to not only provide traditional public relations support, but to also take the message digital using online and social media. The Daum Weigle team learned the vertical market industry and began following trends, legislative issues and industry news. A campaign was put into place to show the company’s expertise in this market including ghost-written bylined articles, blogs and a dedicated Twitter account. This campaign positioned the company as a leader in the industry and gave it a way to reach key decision makers. Daum Weigle also provided the company with a monthly internal newsletter containing headlines and news about the vertical market. This was sent to the internal team giving members valuable industry information for continued sales and marketing efforts.


We’ve been told we are pretty quick learners. We can pick up on a client’s business and have programs up and running almost overnight.
It also helps that we’ve worked with some amazing people in some incredible organizations.


Here is just a partial list of the clients, past and present, we’ve helped with national outreach:

ADT Security Services


American Dunamics


Interlogix/ Lenel

Johnson Controls

La Jolla Institute of Allergy & Immunology

Ligand Pharmaceuticals

Limehouse Software


Mitchell International



Software House

Stratagene Inc.

Tyco Worldwide

University of California, San Diego

Versatile Systems


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